"Double Your Restaurants Sales and Reduce Turnover Without Spending All Day At Your Restaurant!"
Turn-Key Training System - SALES STARS will turn your entire staff into selling machines...
TURN-KEY TRAINING SYSTEM that will turn your entire staff into selling machines. This is not just for servers. This training is for bus staff, hosts and every person on your payroll – INCLUDING YOU!

So, What makes me so confident in this system? The answer is simple… BECAUSE IT WORKS!

In an industry of 90% failures, I created a seasonal restaurant that generated over $1.2 MILLION in sales in just 4 months! That’s right, ONLY 4 MONTHS!

Yes, there are a million details to worry about when running a restaurant, and each are important. But I didn’t reach this level of success by burying myself in the minutia of every detail… 

I did it by creating a “SALES STARS System” that built a “dream team” staff, rocked my service and turned my customers into my best marketers!
 Without Roger and his program, I believe we would not have had the necessary tools to make the changes to our restaurant structure to ensure our success."

- Alex Buck, Co-Owner/ Warfield Distillery, Brewery & Restaurant
A quick over view of the tools and resources you've unlocked to set you on the shortest path to profits. 

What's important is that you are able to get the strategies and tools needed to double your restaurants sales with the least amount of resistance possible
Module 2: STRATEGY
We get right to the meat and potatoes of how your staff can use these simple tools to SELL and not just take orders...

We go into detail of how your staff can use new tactics and recognize unseen opportunities to create a better customer experience, increase profits, and increase their tips to keep them happy.
Module 3: TEAMWORK
This module covers exactly how to train your staff so the whole team works together seamlessly.

We cover multiple strategies that helped us create a team culture that keeps your staff happy and keeps your customers coming back!
This module alone can make or break your business!

We cover the exact daily staff training and how to implement it with your staff with as little resistance as possible. 

We make it fun and easy to implement.
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Get Sales Stars Today!
 Web-based video training modules for staff  ($3750 Value)
 Pre-shift to Profits Training ($1250 Value)
 Resources for incentives and team-building (Included)
 Printable Workbook for every member of your team (Included)
 Printable Testing tool (Included)
 Printable Completion Certificate (Included)
Total Value: $5,000
Get Lifetime Access for $497
Special Offer - Get Lifetime Access for $997
Bonus #1 ($299 Value)
The Pre Shift Planner
Consistent effective staff training is “Key” to your customer’s dining experiences and your restaurant’s ultimate success. 

I make daily training simple, fun and interactive with over 20 proven Pre-Shift exercises, Team-Building, Contests & Staff Incentives. Take 5 minutes a day with your team and watch your staff shine, customers smile and sales rise
Bonus #2 - FREE
Staff Workbooks
Once your team has viewed the powerful training videos, the Workbook serves as an additional training exercise as it mirrors the Sales Stars training course module by module reinforcing staff retention with fill in the blank questions and an answer key perfect for a group training session.
HOLIDAY BONUS ($199 Value)
Everything you need to AVOID the biggest financial mistakes as a Restaurant Owner/Manager, reduce your cost and dominate your market!
  • 96 Page eBook with Actionable Steps!
  • Audio Book Version so You Can Learn As You Go!
  • 14 Pre-Formatted Downloadable Spreadsheets to Help Master Your Restaurants Finances!
* Limited Special to start 2018 off right!
Everything you need to reduce your cost and dominate your market!
  • 45 Minute Training - "Profit Maximizer" to see how to maximize your Menu, train your staff fast, and discover new marketing strategies! (Value $197)
  • Free Restaurant Assessment to help you find and plug the holes in your profits! (Value $100)
What Others Are Saying....
"Roger, through his program, Restaurant Rockstars, furnished invaluable materials and counsel to us regarding the most important aspects of running our restaurant and bar. Not only did he provide his undivided personal attention, he guided us through the vital aspects of costing, inventory, and pricing. 

Throughout the entire consulting process, Roger was available to listen to the daily woes of restaurant ownership as well as answer any question we had regarding operations. 

Without Roger and his program, I believe we would not have had the necessary tools to make the changes to our restaurant structure to ensure our success."

Alex Buck, Co-Owner/ Warfield Distillery, Brewery & Restaurant
 “Roger Beaudoin has created a great restaurant staff training program. It’s simple, down to earth and it works! 

Roger is a successful industry veteran and his Sales Training Program is a fabulous resource for every restaurant. Roger is the “Real Deal” and his product is a real value”

Dick Grotton, Maine Restaurant Association President and Executive Director
"The first time I saw Roger’s Sales Stars Training Program, it articulated everything that I struggle to explain to my staff in a very basic, easy to understand way. 

The basic core information sends a clear and meaningful message that every Owner, Manager and Staffer can relate to – “MONEY”! 

The system works and demonstrates how going above and beyond through suggestive selling increases sales and profits and directly impacts tips. 

When you can show a server or bartender a proven formula to easily increase their personal income by enhancing the guest service experience, I guarantee they will listen!” 
Matt Wolf, Owner/General Manager of Myst, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
 “With 35 years of experience in operating restaurants from top to bottom I can say Sales Stars Server Training is perfect for any restaurant wanting to increase sales, profits and their guest dining experience. It’s perfect for your servers, managers, and guest. 

Your servers will increase their tips, your guest will have a knowledgeable server providing a great dining experience, and management has a standard to follow up and train on. 

If you follow the program it should pay for itself immediately. Sales Stars Server Training will give you what you need to train the difference.”

K. Wells, owner and manager of multiple restaurant over 15 years.
The Tables In Your Restaurant Are Valuable Real Estate.
Each day, new customers come into your restaurant that have no idea what makes it unique and special. 

Think of it this way... Every guest at every table represents a series of “Sales Opportunities” that are either recognized and captured at that precise “Moment of Truth” or LOST forever!
If you want to maximize profits, advertising ideas aren't going to be enough. It’s up to you to properly train your staff to take advantage of every opportunity presented. You can teach them to use their unique personalities to bring your menu items to life, encourage your guests to have an enjoyable experience and make suggestions that will Double and even Triple Sales in your restaurant .

Bottom line is this: It takes training to realize amazing results…

SALES STARS is that Training!

For over 20 years, I have proven this concept to be true. I’ve used these techniques to build my unstoppable restaurant brand and dominate my competition! Now it’s your turn!
"The Restaurant Rockstars program has been a great tool to help ensure our guests have a great experience each and every time they visit our establishment. It has helped increase our sales and empowered our team members to be their own brand within our brand. 

We use Restaurant Rockstars as a part of our orientation program, helping get our servers, bartenders, and even management off to a great start. The program helps get all team members on the same page when it comes to treating guests well, how to “assume the sale” when guests walk in, and overall improves morale. 

Owners and managers will love Restaurant Rockstars it because of the sales increase, and team members will love it because their tips increase! Perfect win/win situation! Probably the biggest positive my staff got out of the training was the idea they were their own entrepreneur, starting their own business, without the risk of opening their own business. It really helped with buy-in into our brand and helped them create their own. 

I highly recommend restaurants use Restaurant Rockstars. Happy guests, happy team, happy owners. What could be better? Thanks for creating a great way to help my business. "

Christopher W. Nichols
Owner/ Chairs Public House
Easy to use on a daily basis for your entire Wait Staff
Sales Stars was built to integrate into your training routine. It’s perfect as an addition to your employee hire orientation and also easy to use on a daily basis for the rest of your staff. You can complete the course together as a great team building exercise or have each team member complete it individually on their own with any desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Web-based video training course
  • Profit Maximizing Techniques
  • Daily Pre-Shift Game Changers
  • Daily printables for pre-shift planning
  • Resources for incentives and team-building 
  • Workbook for every member of your team
  • Testing tool
  • Printable completion certificate
Stop letting opportunities for profit pass you by because your staff is not properly trained...
Turn your staff into SALES STARS!
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Mistakes That Are Easy To Solve And When Corrected, You Will Be Blown Away At How Much Of An Impact It Has On Your Sales. 
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